Our entrepreneurs are proof
of the accompaniment provided
by Pléiade Investissement

We provide active support for entrepreneur-directors in all the key growth stages
We also adhere to a long-term approach.


Harry Gozlan

Founder and former CEO of SmartTrade

« Stability and trust over the years have created a high-quality asset base.  »

“I met Pléiade Venture when smartTrade Technologies was first created in 1999, and then Pléiade Investissement, which joined us in 2017: a long technological ride to conquer the major investment banks, which took off in 2008, 10 years after its creation. No investment fund would have waited so long, and the stability and trust maintained over all these years have enabled us to create a very valuable industrial IT asset, to accompany us through the various phases of growth, and to keep a benevolent but demanding eye on the course to be maintained and the objectives to be achieved. Now a shareholder in Pléiade Venture and Pléiade Investissement, and also a member of the investment committees, I’ve rediscovered, and I hope I will continue to perpetuate, this human, realistic and enthusiastic commitment to developing human and financial capital, for the ultimate benefit of all the partners in the various projects we’ve invested in.”



Founder of group Montana and CEO

« not only financial resources but also invaluable strategic and human support »

“In the context of Montana’s new phase of growth in 2019, Pléiade Investissement placed their trust in us and provided not only financial resources but also invaluable strategic and human support, in line with our ambition.


Unlike traditional investment funds that invest with time horizon limited to a few years, Pléiade Investissement is a long-term partner well suited to our growth model that requires several years of investment from land development to the ramp up of our senior service residences. For the past 4 years, the Pléiade Investissement teams have always been present, providing valuable advice and support, and fostering a frequent and harmonious relationship.”



Vincent Stellian's portrait


CEO of Quiétalis

« Pléiade Investissement is a strategic partner of rare efficacy, and one that really listens to the CEO. »

“The Quiétalis adventure is the story of an encounter with Pléiade Investissement in 2016.


Pléiade Investissement has been a reference shareholder for Quiétalis since the outset. It accompanied the company’s steady growth from its creation in 2008 to 2015. In 2016, I met the team at Pléiade Investissement – a group of men and women passionate about their profession, close to their companies and their CEOs, capable of encouraging reflection in a well-meaning manner, all in a climate of total mutual trust. This positive state of mind at Pléiade Investissement, beyond the pressure of exit horizons, has allowed me to set up an ambitious project to make Quiétalis a leading company in France and the reference in its field, built on a sustainable economic model. The long and delicate structuring that was necessary led us to work together, while constantly making sure that the interests of each party were fully aligned.


Within Pléiade Investissement I have been able to appreciate a world composed of strong values, strengthening my conviction that adventure means sharing intense human relationships.


The team at Pléiade Investissement is expert in the art of finding the right time, and listening to CEOs, under any circumstances. This makes them a strategic partner of rare efficacy.”


Portrait de Thierry Meynle

Thierry MEYNLÉ

Former CEO of Divalto

« Without Pléiade Investissement, there’s no doubt we would never have had such an incredible success! »

“Since the takeover of Divalto in 2006, Pléiade Investissement’ support has been one of the keys to our development: Pléiade Investissement has accompanied us in the long term, and this aspect is absolutely essential in our profession where, given the considerable investments in R&D, the time between the decision to design a new product and its actual realization is often counted in years.


Pléiade Investissement is made up of people from all walks of life, but they are all top flight, and have always agreed to accompany us in a kind manner, particularly for delicate operations such as external expansion or strategic operations.


Pléiade Investissement has always known how to accompany and encourage us (or hold us back when necessary), at a time when it was also necessary to show kindness when helping us seize good opportunities or run away from bad ones. Pléiade Investissement helps us to bring structure to our company, step by step. Without Pléiade Investissement, there’s no doubt we would never have had such incredible success!”


Portrait de Jean Charles Deconninck


Former President of the Generix Group Executive Board

« With Pléiade, we are accompanied by men and women who are truly passionate about business »

“We have been developing our activity with the support of Pléiade Investissement for 13 years now.


Together, we have embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure, starting as a small software editor working in a perimeter that was limited to Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing, and which has now grown into a company that is deployed in 50 countries, with 8 subsidiaries, a totally transformed business model and turnover multiplied by 7.


This project – which is far from over! – has been made possible because we were accompanied by men and women from Pléiade who are truly passionate about business. They know how to accompany entrepreneurs at exactly the right time, as well as in the more delicate moments; they know what it means to keep their word, and they always respect the best interests of the company.


These values have made it possible to calmly build and develop a solid group, bringing innovation to clients, collaborators and shareholders.”


Portrait d'Alain Cojean


Founder of COJEAN and former CEO

« Pléiade Investissement is a long-term partner, and has always been an associate I can count on »

“Pléiade Investissement put their trust in me from inception, almost 20 years ago. Back then, I only had a few presentation panels for my project, but also, and above all, faith. Pléiade Investissement has accompanied me all these years, leaving me total control over the heart of my profession – that is, internal organization and operationality – while providing me with real support, particularly for the financial side of things.


Pléiade Investissement is a long-term partner, and has always been an associate I can count on – and I’ve taken full advantage of that. Over time, our professional relationship has also become a friendship. Today, my company is in a good place, with a new CEO who has taken over. I know that the company will go far, and I am delighted for it.


We have enjoyed a wonderful adventure together, and I hope it will continue like this for a long time to come!”


Portrait de Teddy Megarbane


Former CEO of Ciblex & shareholder of Pléiade Investissement

« Together, we have built up a friendly, motivating relationship »

“My experience as an entrepreneur-investor alongside Pléiade Investissement has been extremely fulfilling and stimulating.


I have been accompanied by a shareholder whose actions and interventions are guided by an acute ethical viewpoint and strong values.


Together, we have built up a friendly, motivating relationship.


Our interactions and exchanges made it possible to guarantee high growth in our common investment, and to create final value. Since the transfer, our relationship has continued, and even become stronger, though in another form as I have taken a stake in Pléiade Investissement’s capital.”