Neither institutional investors
nor investment fund managers, we share the same time frame as the chairperson

Always in partnership with the management, Pléiade Investissement frequently invests as a minority shareholder and sometimes as a majority one. In either case, we maintain a discrete, mindful and supportive presence.
Our criteria are:


A strong partnership with a leader and his/her team around the company’s project

Specific knowledge and know-how combined with an innovative and differentiating service or product

A company with a management team who promote human values and engage all collaborators in their strategic vision



€8 m
or less if external growths are identified.


€2 m to €10 m
and up to €20 m during the period in which Pléiade Investissement is involved. We invest alone or alongside our shareholders or other partners who share the same values and time frame.

Types of transactions

Capital development, buy-out/buy-in, build-up, LBO, OBO, MBI, minority stake, investment in loss making/under performing companies, complex operations and atypical operations.

All sectors except biotechnology and heavy industry.