Pléiade Investissement’s activities
in a few headlines


May 2023

Quiétalis Group continues to expand its network with the acquisition of ETH, a company based in Biarritz with specific expertise in high-end catering. The manager, Laurent Schlachter, will remain with the group to support the transition. The consolidated group reaches a turnover of about 90 M€.


December 2022

Pléiade Investissement has taken a minority stake in the TVA group to provide long-term support for the development projects of 3 entrepreneur-farmers, in particular the operation of a state-of-the-art mushroom farm, which started operations in early 2023. The group comprises 4 main activities: (i) the production of tomatoes grown with the ecoserre® system, distributed under the brand "Les Paysans de Rougeline", and meeting compliance with HVE3 and zero pesticide labels; (ii) the production of pesticide-free mushrooms under the Cabane & Cie brand; (iii) the production of organic open-field cereals on more than 900 hectares in the Gironde region; and finally (iv) energy production.

Generix Group

November 2022

Having been the main shareholder of Generix Group for 20 years, Pléiade Investissement joined forces with Montefiore Investment and the management to take it private through a public takeover bid, followed by a squeeze-out procedure. The financial operation was completed with the setting up of a unitranche loan which will notably contribute to the financing of growth. Jean-Charles Deconninck, who was the architect of the transformation of a regional software publisher into an international player in supply chain management, remains a minority shareholder and honorary president. He also becomes a shareholder of Pléiade Investissement. Aïda Collette-Sène, General Manager of Generix Group for 4 years, becomes its President and reinvests with the management team.


September 2022

After 16 years at the head of the group, Thierry Meynlé hands over the operational presidency to Jérôme Virey, previously Chief Executive Officer, and takes over the presidency of the Supervisory Board. Thierry Meynlé will continue to carry out support missions related to innovation and institutional relations. In this context, the capital reorganization operation, through a 5th LBO, allows Jérôme Virey, the Executive Committee and key employees to strengthen their capital ownership. Pléiade Investissement has held a stake in the company since 2006, when the founder left the company, and remains the group's reference shareholder. Thierry Meynlé keeps a significant stake and becomes a shareholder of Pléiade Investissement.


July 2022

Pléiade Investissement becomes shareholder of PSI Environnement alongside its CEO, Nicolas Tarrene, to support the business plan. The group is specialized in the management and treatment of industrial waste. It is involved at each stage (collection, recovery, storage, packaging, etc.) and on all types of waste: hazardous, non-hazardous, inert, asbestos …. With several sites in the Tarbes region, it processes more than 85% of its waste in-house and it operates its own waste analysis and characterisation laboratory.


July 2022

Pléiade Investissement  invests alongside the managing team to support the development plan throughout France. Go2roues is the leading multi-brand distributor of electric scooters and motorcycles in France. The company distributes its products through an e-commerce website and shops in Paris and Bordeaux. The company also offers home delivery, rental, maintenance and repair services. The objective is to open ten additional shops in Paris and all over France.


June 2022

Quiétalis Group pursues its expansion with the acquisition of FRACIM in the Greater Paris region. The two shareholders / managers remain within the group to support its ambitious development plan. The group will reach a consolidated turnover of nearly 85 M€ in 2022.


March 2022

Quiétalis Group further strengthens its network in the PACA region with the acquisition of the companies Rescotech and Sfecc located in the area of Nice and Toulon. The two founders remain operational in order to support the successful commercial and managerial transition. The consolidated entity will reach a turnover of nearly €70 million in 2022.

Le Grenier à Pain

October 2021

After the acquisition of a bakery in Sarzeau (Brittany) last February, Grenier à Pain continued its expansion in France with the acquisition of a shop in Saint Aubin de Médoc (Aquitaine). The group now has around 30 owned stores in France and fifteen licensed stores abroad for a turnover of €15 million in 2021. This operation also allows the bakers managing these new shops to become shareholders, as are alrealdy most of the managing bakers within the group.


June 2021

The Montana group acquires 50% of Cazam alongside Eiffage Immobilier. Cazam already has secured 3 residences under construction and 6 are identified fordevelopment, with the objective of opening 25 residences by 2027. As a result of this joint-venture, the Montana group aims to operate more than 50 residences in France by 2026, with a targeted turnover close to €90m.

Aéroplast Industries

April 2021

Aéroplast Industries has completed its third build-up with the acquisition of René Maire, a specialist in plastic injection and overmoulding of parts for filtration. The company is certified IATF 16949, a quality standard for the automotive market, and ISO 9001.


January 2021

Pléiade Investissement, the leading shareholder of Divalto since 2006, assisted the ERP and CRM software publisher in the sale of its subsidiary, a SaaS ERP dedicated to very small businesses, to the Xefi group, a leader in IT services for SMBs. completes Xefi's software offer and will be able to rely on its sales force and expertise to accelerate its growth.


December 2020

Quiétalis group acquires Sopreco, a company based in Marseille, thus strengthening its network in the South of France. The two shareholder-managers acquire a stake in Quiétalis and one of them joins the group as Deputy Managing Director. The consolidated revenue will reach nearly €60 million in 2020.