Le Grenier à Pain

February 2019

Le Grenier à Pain achieved its first build-up with the acquisition of the seven bakeries of Lalos group. Thanks to that operation, Le Grenier à Pain consolidates its position within Paris area and is now owning around 35 shops in France and licenses abroad. According to the business model of the group, several key managers of Le Grenier à Pain have been invited to become shareholders of the acquired bakeries.

Early Metrics

November 2018

Pléiade Investissement acquired a stake in the startup Early Metrics alongside the management Antoine Baschiera et Sébastien Paillet to support them in the french and international development of the company. Pleiade Venture, Raise Venture, Fimalac (Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, ex-CEO of Fitch Ratings) and CF Partners (Carle family) became also shareholders through this fundraising led by Pléiade Investissement. Based in Paris, Early Metrics is the first French agency offering a rating dedicated to startups or innovative small companies. Thanks to its own rating model, the firm is able to measure the probability of growth of such companies for the next 2 to 3 years and to give a estimation of their sustainability, throught a grade between 0 and 100.

Le Grenier à Pain

September 2018

Pléiade Investissement acquired a stake in Le Grenier à Pain alongside the new chairman Carlos Verkaeren to support him in the build-up development plan of the group. The selling founder keeps an active role in the company and stays as a minority shareholder. Le Grenier à Pain is a traditional premium bakeries group owning nearly 30 shops in France and ten licences abroad.


July 2018

Divalto and Pléiade Investissement renew their partnership through a 4th LBO financing progressive buyin of the company by key managers. The transaction gives financial perspective to the group in order to achieve its strategic plan. Divalto is a software company publishing ERP and CRM products designed for small and medium-sized companies, mainly targeting wholesale, industry and services.

Aéroplast Industries

July 2018

Aéroplast Industries has achieved its first build-up with the acquisition of CF Plastiques, specialist in the machining of thermoplastic parts. Its specific know-how is based on the dry machining of implantable medical parts. The company is certified ISO 13485, quality standard for medical devices, EN9100 and ISO9001.


May 2018

Pléiade Investissement acquired a stake in Euromip alongside Jean-Philippe Louis to support him in the internal and external development of the company. Based in Paris, Euromip is a distributor of custom-made electronic components ans sub-assemblies, particularly for the aeronautical, space and defense industry (certified EN9100) : applications with high specifications such as protection, electromagnetic compatibility, high voltage, power, high temperature, radio frequency …


April 2018

Nova Lease Solutions (NLS), a financial player providing scalable lease contracts, merges with counterpart Technofinance. The move is part of the growth plan set out when NLS capital was opened up to Pléiade Investissement just over a year ago. It will strengthen the group capabilities in the field of medical equipment.


November 2017

Pléiade Investissement invests in SmartTrade Technologies, a worldwide leader in Liquidity Management software for international banks and funds. Through this investment, Pléiade Investissement has supported the exit of SmartTrade' founder: Harry Gozlan, beside Pléiade Venture, itself a shareholder since 2000. The company is managed by its co-founder, David Vincent, since 2013.

Aéroplast Industries

July 2017

Pléiade Investissement acquired a stake in Aeroplast alongside Fabrice Clemencon to support him in the internal and external development of the company. Based in Oyonnax, the company is specialized in the plastic injection industry with a specific know-how giving the company the ability to work, in small and medium series, with every kind of technical plastics (PEEK, PEI …), on every size of product even extremely small. The company take stake in every step of the value-chain of the client: conception, prototyping, mold manufacturing and plastic injection. Aeroplast is certified EN9100, quality standard for the space and aeronautical industry, and ISO9001.


March 2017

Pléiade Investissement invests in Nova Lease Solutions, a major provider of leasing solutions in France, in the areas of healthcare and IT equipment. The transaction in an OBO alongside owners and managers Francis Enguehard (President) and Frédéric Sig (CEO). Through the opening up of the capital, Pléiade Investissement will support the company in its growth projects.