Experienced entrepreneurs who understand and accompany others entrepreneurs projects

Our shareholders are all entrepreneurs who have chosen to invest in Pléiade Investissement as a means of both remaining in direct contact with businesses and their directors, and sharing their own experiences. Every month, they exchange information with the team from Pléiade Investissement, and individually they sit on the Boards of Directors of the businesses being accompanied.

  • Chantal & Michel Baudron

    Respectively founder and CEO of the eponymous recruitment firm; and former CEO of Instruments SA (scientific instruments), co-chairman of Spex Group (USA)

  • Francis Bellanger

    Founder of SCERT, now VINK France (distribution of plastics)

  • Marie-Laure Bordais

    Former Managing Director of the import center belonging to the Leclerc supermarket chain

  • Natalie & Vianney de Chalus

    Respectively founder and CEO of the Colloquium Group (congress organization); CEO of Chalus-Chegaray group and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Normandy

  • Jean-Michel Dubedout

    Serial entreprener, founder of the Desnoyers Group, Linguex and Télélangues

  • Marc & Martin Génot

    Father and son, respectively founder and director of the SAFE group (steel foundry and plastics processing); former COO of Photobox and current CEO of LER (Les Entrepreneurs Réunis)

  • Jean-Pierre Gorgé

    Founder and CEO of Groupe Gorgé (robotics, nuclear and fire safety, industrial projects services, 3D printer)

  • Harry Gozlan

    Founder of SmartTrade Technologies

  • Gilbert Hayat

    Former CEO of Horiba Jobin Yvon (scientific instruments & spectroscopic systems), co-chairman of Spex Group (USA)

  • Charles Heilbronn

    Chairman of Mousse Partners in New York

  • Dominique Laugier

    Former CEO of Furnotel (restaurant equipment supplier)

  • Teddy Megarbane

    Former CEO of Ciblex (express logistics)

  • Louis de Montalembert

    Founder of Pléiade AM

  • Jean-Marie Painvin

    Former Chairman and CEO of the Deutsch Group (industrial connectors), founder of JMC Investment in New-York

  • François Poirier

    Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Pléiade Investissement, former Managing Director of Astorg

  • Jean-Michel Renck

    Founder of Socs (insurance application software) and Owliance (specialists in outsourcing solutions)

  • Etienne Saladin

    Private Banker

  • Jean-Claude Seroul

    Founder of En Direct (press, real estate, logistics)

  • Benoît Sillard

    Former CEO of CCM Benchmark

  • Patrick Solvay

    Shareholder of Solvay (chemical and pharmaceutical group)

  • Christian Toulouse

    Former Managing Director of Docks de France

  • Gabriel Viellard

    Co-founder of SNV, now Mappy (online maps) and ADventori (advertising programming), founder of Pléiade & Cie.