Experienced entrepreneurs who understand and accompany others entrepreneurs projects

  • Chantal & Michel Baudron

    Respectively founder and CEO of the eponymous recruitment firm; and former CEO of Instruments SA (scientific instruments), co-chairman of Spex Group (USA)

  • Francis Bellanger

    Founder of SCERT, now VINK France (distribution of plastics)

  • Marie-Laure Bordais

    Former Managing Director of the import center belonging to the Leclerc supermarket chain

  • Natalie & Vianney de Chalus

    Respectively founder and CEO of the Colloquium Group (congress organization); CEO of Chalus-Chegaray group and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Normandy

  • Jean-Michel Dubedout

    Serial entreprener, founder of the Desnoyers Group, Linguex and Télélangues

  • Marc & Martin Génot

    Father and son, respectively founder and director of the SAFE group (steel foundry and plastics processing); former COO of Photobox and current CEO of LER (Les Entrepreneurs Réunis)

  • Jean-Pierre Gorgé

    Founder and CEO of Groupe Gorgé (robotics, nuclear and fire safety, industrial projects services, 3D printer)

  • Harry Gozlan

    Founder of SmartTrade Technologies

  • Gilbert Hayat

    Former CEO of Horiba Jobin Yvon (scientific instruments & spectroscopic systems), co-chairman of Spex Group (USA)

  • Charles Heilbronn

    Chairman of Mousse Partners in New York

  • Dominique Laugier

    Former CEO of Furnotel (restaurant equipment supplier)

  • Teddy Megarbane

    Former CEO of Ciblex (express logistics)

  • Louis de Montalembert

    Founder of Pléiade AM

  • Jean-Marie Painvin

    Former Chairman and CEO of the Deutsch Group (industrial connectors), founder of JMC Investment in New-York

  • François Poirier

    Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Pléiade Investissement, former Managing Director of Astorg

  • Jean-Michel Renck

    Founder of Socs (insurance application software) and Owliance (specialists in outsourcing solutions)

  • Etienne Saladin

    Private Banker

  • Jean-Claude Seroul

    Founder of En Direct (press, real estate, logistics)

  • Benoît Sillard

    Former CEO of CCM Benchmark

  • Patrick Solvay

    Shareholder of Solvay (chemical and pharmaceutical group)

  • Christian Toulouse

    Former Managing Director of Docks de France

  • Gabriel Viellard

    Co-founder of SNV, now Mappy (online maps) and ADventori (advertising programming), founder of Pléiade & Cie.