An active but low-profile
long-term support

An active but low-profile
long-term support

Portfolio companies


2018 GROWTH CAPITAL turnover: undisclosed

The Startup Early Metrics is the first agency offering a rating dedicated to startups or innovative small companies. Thanks to its own rating model, the firm is able to measure the growth potential of such companies for the next 2 to 3 years and to give an estimation of their sustainability, through a grade  between 0 and 100. In November 2018, Early Metrics closed its first fundraising led by Pléiade Investissement alongside Pleiade Venture, Raise Venture, Fimalac (Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, ex-CEO of Fitch Ratings) and CF Partners (Carle family) to support the French and international development plan of the two founders.

2018 MBI
2018 MBI turnover: 12 M€

Le Grenier à Pain is a traditional premium bakeries group owning nearly 30 shops in France and ten abroad. Pléiade Investissement acquired a stake in Septembre 2018 through a MBI operation to support the new management in the build-up development plan of the group.

2018 MBI
2018 MBI turnover: 9 M€

Euromip is a distributor of custom-made electronic components and sub-assemblies, particularly for the aeronautical, space and defense industry : applications with high specifications such as protection, electromagnetic compatibility, high voltage, power, high temperature, radio frequency … Pléiade Investissement acquired a stake in May 2018 through a MBI operation to support the new manager in the internal and external development of the company.

2017 MINORITY STAKE turnover: 26 M€

SmartTrade Technologies is a worldwide leader in Liquidity Management software for international banks and funds. In November 2017, Pléiade Investissement has financed the founder’s exit beside Pléiade Venture, itself a shareholder since 2000.

2017 MBI / BUILD-UP turnover: 12 M€

Aeroplast is a high technicity plastic injection specialist (all kind of plastics and all size, even extremely small). Its field of activity includes designing, prototyping, plastic injection and mold manufacturing. Pléiade Investissement acquired a stake in July 2017 through a MBI operation to support the new management in the internal and external development of the company.

2017 OBO
Novafinance 2017 OBO turnover: 35 M€

Nova Lease Solutions is a key player in flexible financial leasing in France, in both the medical and technologic fields. Pléiade Investissement invested in March 2017 as part of an OBO transaction alongside the 2 executive shareholders and has since supported the company’s growth projects.

Logo La Maison 2015 PRIVATE EQUITY

La Maison, investment holding founded in 2014 by Michel Cicurel and Marc Lévy, gathers several prestigious families in order to build up a minority stake portfolio, highly diversified on both a geographical and sector basis, by investing jointly alongside Private Equity funds.

logo cafom 2011 BUILD-UP / RESTRUCTURING turnover: 390 M€

Cafom, major French overseas retailer (But, Darty and Habitat stores) and leading online player specialised in furniture and home decoration (, acquired the international group Habitat in September 2011. Pléiade Investissement financed the acquisition alongside the founding managers.

logo Aden Services 2011 GROWTH CAPITAL turnover: 285 M$

Aden Services (Hong Kong) is a group providing services in facilities management (catering, security, industrial cleaning and maintenance) mainly in China. In March 2011, Pléiade Investissement co-invested with one of its shareholders to finance the expansion of the group.

Logo Harvest 2011 MINORITY STAKE turnover: 25M€

Harvest (Alternext) is a software publisher with a presence in all segments of wealth management in France. Pléiade Investissement invested in March 2011.

2010 TURNAROUND turnover: 30 M€

ALFI Technologies is specialised in engineering of automated handling system and building materials (concrete, lagging …). Since December 2010 Pléiade Investissement has supported the turnaround of the company with the actual manager.

Logo Quietalis 2007 BUILD-UP turnover: 45 M€

Quiétalis is the French nation-wide leader in installation and maintenance of professional kitchen equipment for restaurants. Since June 2007, Pléiade Investissement has backed the managers in the build-up of the group and in the related structuring.

2006 LBOs / BUILD-UP
Logo Divalto 2006 LBOs / BUILD-UP turnover: 25 M€

Divalto is a publisher of an ERP software package designed for small and medium-sized companies. In June 2006, June 2009 then July 2014,Pléiade Investissement financed the founder’s 3 steps exit and simultaneous progressive buy-in of the company by the managers and the staff.

2002 BUILD-UP / RESTRUCTURING turnover: 65 M€

Generix (Eurolist C) is a supply chain and data exchange software publisher for retail, logistics and industry. Since July 2002, Pléiade Investissement has supported the structuring of the company, including 4 external acquisitions, the shift to SaaS and the growing internationalisation.

Logo Cojean 2000 CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT turnover: > 40 M€

Cojean is a high-end French fast-food concept which Pléiade Investissement has supported since its beginning. The first restaurant opened in 2001 in the area of La Madeleine in central Paris; it now counts around 30 restaurants in the Paris and London area.

Pléiade, it is also:

logo pleiade venture
logo pleiade asset management
logo pleiade et cie
Logo SES-Imagotag 2009-2018 MINORITY STAKE turnover: 110 M€

07SES-Imagotag is the worldwide No.1 supplier for Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) solutions for mass retail. Pléiade Investissement invested in 2009.

logo Environnement SA 2011-2017 MINORITY STAKE turnover: 70 M€

3113Environnement SA (Alternext) is the leading company in air pollution measurement in Europe. The group exports worldwide with key markets in China and India. Pléiade Investissement invested in March 2011.

2010-2016 TURNAROUND
Ceric Technologies 2010-2016 TURNAROUND turnover: 27 M€ (2014)

Ceric Technologies has taken over in 2010 the assets of Ceric SA, a leader in the engineering of clay brick and tile plants. After a good restart, it was placed into receivership late 2015 following the sharp downturn in the economies of emerging countries, its main markets.

Logo Ciblex 2004-2010 RESTRUCTURING turnover: 154 M€ (2009)

Ciblex is a specialist in express logistics and related maintenance services. In April 2004, Pléiade Investissement backed the management in the spin-off of the company from a British group and supported its strategic and commercial redeployment. In April 2010, Pléiade Investissement and the management sold Ciblex to Géodis group.

Benchmark Group 2000-2010 MINORITY STAKE turnover: 16 M€ (2009)

Benchmark is one of the major French internet players. It holds leading positions in web publishing, market surveys and professional training. In October 2010, Pléiade Investissement sold its stake, acquired in June 2000, in connection with the 100% acquisition by CommentÇaMarche.

Logo Hologram Industries 2003-2008 MINORITY STAKE turnover: 15 M€ (2008)

Hologram Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security holograms and authentication. In November 2008, Pléiade Investissement sold its stake, acquired in November 2003, to Hughes Souparis – founder, CEO and majority shareholder.

2001-2008 TURNAROUND
Logo Leon de Bruxelles 2001-2008 TURNAROUND turnover: 11 M€ (2008)

Léon de Bruxelles is a “mussels & fries” theme restaurants chain. In December 2001, Pléiade Investissement backed the turn-around of the company after its filing for bankruptcy. Pléiade Investissement sold its shares in April 2008 thought a LMBO with the Management and OFI Private Equity.